Best Gifts for Pen Collectors in 2022

Finding the best gifts for pen collectors can be a challenge, particularly since most people don’t want to take the risk and expense of buying a pen. Fortunately, there are a lot of gifts for pen enthusiasts they are sure to enjoy, you just have to think about it for a minute. You don’t even … Read more

What is a Fountain Pen and Why Should You Use One?

Many of you are too young to know the answer to the question, what is a fountain pen, but that’s alright, it is never too late to learn about these fascinating writing instruments! The short answer is that a fountain pen is a writing instrument that has a reservoir of ink stored internally and uses … Read more

Best Cheap Fountain Pens You Can Get in 2022

Today I want to talk about the best cheap fountain pens you can buy because too many people seem to think that fountain pens are all these expensive collector’s items that no one actually uses. This list is also perfectly good as the best fountain pen for beginners list. While there certainly are pens that … Read more

Best Ink for Fountain Pens You Can Get

When looking for the best ink for fountain pens there are some things you need to stay away from such as India ink, or ink made specifically for other types of pens including dip and ballpoint pens. Not only can these types of ink stain your pen, but they can also clog the feeds, and … Read more

Best Paper for Fountain Pens You Can Buy

While a fountain pen will write on virtually any reasonable paper, that does not mean that paper is the best paper for fountain pens. Some allow the pen to write smoother, some let the ink feather more than others, and some take forever to dry. Ideally, the best paper for fountain pens is one that … Read more

Best Pen Repair Books on the Market in 2022

When collecting pens you absolutely will find ones that need some help, and that is when you start looking for the best pen repair books to help you get it back into shape. There are a lot of ways to learn pen repair; videos, forums, and web pages spring to mind. A book, however, allows … Read more

Best Fountain Pen Collecting Books for 2022

When I started collecting pens I went looking for the best fountain pen book I could find. I purchased a lot of books on fountain pens, pencils, and related materials, more than I want to admit. The good part of that is that I have probably owned and/or read just about all of the popular … Read more

Best Pen Display Boxes for the Money in 2022

Looking for the best pen display boxes for the money depends on how many pens you have and what your goal is. People who collect thousands of pens say all the colors of the Esterbrook J for example, will want a dramatically larger, and different type of fountain pen storage boxes than someone who wants … Read more

Best Pen Cases To Carry Your Pens in 2022

Looking for the best pen cases to carry your pens in usually starts because you have some nice pens and you are tired of the cheap cases that do little to protect your pens, look just as cheap as they were, and start to fall apart fairly quickly. You have decided it is time to … Read more